Yndi Halda @ Oslo, Hackney / 1st April 2016 / Gig Review

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Events
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The Romans would benefit from watching Wayne’s World. You see, to get from x to y is not just about how efficiently you do so; it’s how the journey transcends. Straight roads may be the quickest route to prosperity but what do we learn from our achievements if all we base them on are tangible results? Surely there’s something more.

After a considerable hiatus of eight years, you would expect a band to be a bit rusty around the edges. Not with Yndi Halda. These guys rocked the Oslo in true post rock style with a new EP, “Under Summer”.

Borrowing from heavyweights such as Sigor Ros and Mogwai, Yndi Halda have crafted their own form of musical expedition. The frantic violins of Daniel Neal hang in the air as if emotion were a sound and serve to set this band apart from those that mimic the post rock genre. At times, I had to pinch myself and consider how one man could play an instrument that was designed in an era when Beethoven was alive as though he were possessed.

Yndi Hald Mid Flow / 1.4.16 @ Oslo

Above: Yndi Halda Mid Flow / 1.4.16 @ Oslo

Tracks such as “Helena” and “This Very Flight” underline a very rare ability to merge the brutal with the serene without a jar to the listener.  There are times when I was worried the amps might explode with disillusioned angst but there were also occasions when I felt at peace with the world all in the space of ten minutes, however the beauty of my experience was that the transition was seamless.

Yndi Halda translates from Old Norse into English as “Enjoy Eternal Bliss”. After seeing this band live, I have decided that the road to eternal bliss is anything but straight forward.

Take a listen to Yndi Halda: https://soundcloud.com/yndihalda


Above: Yndi Halda Before Set / 1.4.16 @ Oslo


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